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Revealing hidden talent; uncovering business intelligence; targeting sales leads; looking within. Combining today's technology with human intelligence, Recruit Detective pulls back corporate curtains to discover hidden candidates, map internal networks, and identify sales prospects.

Pam Rahal

Pam Rahal


Pam has spent years helping business executives, recruiters and hiring managers find the prospects and information they need to succeed. With a nuanced touch, unparalleled research skills and technical know-how, she has brought clarity to otherwise opaque environments, giving her clients an edge in competitive recruitment, sales and business intelligence markets.

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Find that ideal candidate, accelerate your prospecting,
uncover business intelligence and optimize your costs and productivity.

Recruit Detective is the definitive sourcing strategist. We leverage the best of today's technology -- from sources like Applicant Tracking Systems, CRM software and technical search.

Our years of experience go beyond the limitations of technology. We incorporate human intelligence to dive deeper - revealing concealed inner networks and talent pools.

Recruit Detective improves your recruitment by cutting down on the time it takes to identify higher-quality candidates.

If you're searching for business intelligence and leads, the same prospecting techniques can be used to identify decision chains and unveil corporate structures.

Recruit Detective also uses its extensive expertise to advise on recruitment processes, candidate engagement, vendor assessment and more, all to ensure that you get the most out of your personnel.

We customize the search to make the perfect fit for your business.

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“We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.”

John Naisbitt


Recruit Detective leverages today's technology, but goes beyond this by utilizing human interactions to discover knowledge that technology can not – uncovering unseen passive candidates, validating leads, and soliciting business intelligence – all in a discreet and principled manner.

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Good people are hard to find. And the more talented they are, the harder it becomes. Sound familiar? Maybe your “time to fill” is longer than you like. Maybe your search is so specific it feels like a needle in a haystack. Or maybe you've simply hit a wall. It's time to call Recruit Detective. We'll get you back on track, with pinpoint accuracy and tailored results. We find “hidden”, quality candidates others can't see. Tell us what you're looking for and we'll get right to work – with qualified results in sometimes less than a week!

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Knowledge is power. Looking to make informed decisions, based on the best industry intelligence? Recruit Detective can shine a light on your competitors – mapping internal networks, charting workflow patterns and decision chains, and identifying department structures across multiple geographic locations. Our discreet and principled approach brings you quality business intelligence, providing you with the knowledge you need to make informed, strategic decisions.

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Sales Leads

You've got a great product. Do you have great leads? Stop wasting time walking down blind alleys. Talking to the right person – the decision maker – is critical to closing the deal. Recruit Detective's approach combines technology with a human touch – allowing us to source qualified leads that maximize your opportunities for success.

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Some industries have unique recruiting challenges. Recruit Detective understands the nuances of these industries – from healthcare to mining to IT to much more. We customize our approach to the specific needs of our clients, ensuring a high-quality result. Review our case studies below to learn more about our tailored approach:

  • I had the opportunity to work with Pam Rahal for several years on a significant client engagement. Pam was diligent, conscientious, well organized, honest, and very capable. Pam worked tirelessly, sometimes 7 days/week of 12+ hour days to assist the client and me. We achieved an extraordinary result for the client, and Pam was critical to the success of the engagement.

    Jeff Horst
    Krevolin & Horst LLC
  • Pam Rahal has been a lifesaver for my company, Corporate Connections. She is the consummate professional who cares deeply about her clients and her work. Pam is extremely detailed, dedicated and conscientious, and works tirelessly and will do whatever it takes to get the job done: on time, under budget, and with total precision. She really cares about her clients and does an outstanding job.

    Susan Knox

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